Written by I. Michael Toth

Producer: Christopher Gentry


Genre: Drama


Synopsis: After discovering the "Big Lie" of his life, a man struggles to cope with the loss of his father, his girlfriend and a hand written manuscript that holds the key to his life's mystery. He creates his own illusionary world so perfectly strong and convincing that others believe it too. This man's journey to redefine his life reflects our maddening needs as human beings to construct our own illusions to find more comfortable realities.


Set against a backdrop of the surrealist paintings of Rene Magritte and the hypnotic music of Patricia Barber, the story unfolds through a complex pattern of non-linear narrative structure to create a layered, temporal composition. By going back and forth in time, the elements of the narrative are gradually revealed and retroactively understood. The story weaves in and out between characters, places and events, building up its thematic unity to provoke the audience to question the supposedly fixed nature of reality, the foundations of relationships, morality, creativity and art.



Director I. Michael Toth

Composer Patricia Barber

Status: Financing



Written by I. Michael Toth

Producer: Christopher Gentry


Genre: War-Action-Adventure-Dark Comedy



Based on the Oscar winning screenwriter, Steve Tesich’s theater play “On The Open Road”, “THE GRAND DÉJÀ VU” screenplay is a darkly funny adaptation. It is a political, philosophical and an absurdist comedy about war as spiritual and material chaos.

In the screenplay, set in the Liberian civil war of the 1990’s, Al, a weary, older intellectual black African professor, forms an uneasy alliance with Angel, a young white American prize-fighter. They plunder bombed-out museums and churches for paintings and statues, hoping to barter their way to their freedom across the border. Al becomes a mentor to Angel and educates him about literature, music, art, and politics.

As they journey through the war-torn wasteland, encountering unspeakable horrors, children-soldiers, blood thirsty warrior-painted mercenaries and many other strange characters, in a darkly surreal twist of human mind under stress, the story turns into a black satire of morality, religion and even the second coming of Christ…

Al and Angel drive a stolen ambulance van and their cart of looted art-masterpieces through a landscape of dirt roads, with the golden yellow and dark red colors in the West African sun. The classical opera music of Verdi, Puccini and Mozart is heard in the background as they hope to find their way to ultimate freedom.


Status: Financing


Written By I. Michael Toth
Producer: Christopher Gentry

Genre:  Drama

Synopsis: BORN IN BLOOD is a story about an imaginary, fictional branch of a famous Masonic family – the St.Claires – and one ancient organization, the Freemasons. Experiencing through eyes and “ancestral memory” flashes of our main character Charlie, we will be crossing oceans and continents, following this multigenerational family saga whose members through the centuries belonged to the secret society of the Freemasons.

This family saga will chronicle the lives and doings of a family and a number of related and interconnected famous people over several periods of time. We will witness crucial moments that took place in societies throughout their family tree history.


Synopsis: A young black man of humble origin discovers his true identity by accident, which triggers flashes of “genetic memory” experienced by his white European ancestor from the12th century. To earn the trust and understand the mystery of his newfound wealthy family, he must be initiated into the Brotherhood of Freemasons, as generations of his ancestors have done before him.

Status: Seeking production partners and financing for the pilot episode.


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